Key Words

- Street smart
- Authenticity
- Familiar sport items & Colours
- Uniform inspired
- Mixed up


Key Words

- Cosy & Timeless materials
- Classicism
- Studied style
- Bookish colours
- Classic sport influences

Key Words

- Quilting
- Short coll
- Performance materials
- Raw looking fur
- Natural colours
- Military influences
- Fushion of cultures

Inspired by 1980s decade of excess and consumption, designs are injected with highoctane color, bold graphics and creative new wave changes. Cultural influencers range from new wave and pop stars like Madonna to punk icons such as Debbie Harry or the Ramones. Generation Z activists are a driving force for this trend and push boundaries on what is cool. They drive social protest, strong culture and gender tolerance. This comes across as an anarchic spirit in fashion and accessories.

A season for pause, this season upgrades everyday modern essential designs with an infusion of elevated taste and luxury. Objects will increasingly take on human qualities and tactility, and the articially made will feel completely natural. Technology will go beyond the functional to enhance wellbeing and create meaning and experience. Most importantly, life will be less about what you own and more about how you live.

In a time of urban sprawling cities, new energy will come from the urban edges, suburbs and borderlands Eastern Europe. Soviet Era history in particular will be influencing all areas of design and aesthetic. Pastoral romance meets urban grit in this masculine story.

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