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creating impact.

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At ITC, we are aiming to facilitate fashion accessories that are sustainable and beautiful. We try to achieve that goal through hard work and determination. Striving to achieve such a feat is a challenging, adventurous and inspiring road to walk on. This journey brings us to the corners of our beautiful planet in search for the inspiration to design your attitude of mind. Overseeing every aspect of production, leaving our mark from beginning to end, we make sure our quality is assured until our products hit the shelves. Combining trends, cultures and designs both from the west and the east, our goal is to supply our client with the means to dot your I's and cross your T's.

Be aware of what you wear

Be Aware

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To secure a sustainable future for our planet and the coming generations, it is crucial to create trustworthy solutions that secure a more sustainable alternative for conventional fashion accessories. Fact of the matter is that fashion, in all its glory, bling and art, has a darker side. The industry is the second most polluting and destructive industry on Earth. Therefore, our goal is to provide high quality fashion accessories for our customers while keeping mother earth in mind. Keeping an eye out every step of the way.


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